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We're a collective who design, plan, build and promote technological products. The one common thread in all our projects is they must be innovative and fun to build. We pride ourselves on being at the cutting edge of experimental development spanning all areas of I.T.

the m group

we make fun stuff

About the m group

Founded in 2006 the group idled for a few years before becoming active in 2010. We aim to release a major project every quarter which we either promote in-house, release to the community as open source or sell.

The m group consists of a loose collective of staff who work ad-hoc on their various projects. Staff work on multiple projects at once and are rewarded directly based on the success of the project. This new business model creates a fast and flowing working environment with high productivity, flexibility and dedication.

We're currently based in London, however the flexibility of the working model means many staff work overseas for extended periods of time.

If this sounds like something you want to be a part of drop us an email!

Targeted tech


We have resources that cover the following areas:

  • Software development
  • Systems architecture
  • Network design
  • User interface and experience
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Business development
  • Graphical design


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We started off trying topical tweets, but why add to the noise? We'll be trying something new shortly, follow our currently inactive twitter feed to get a surprise later!

the m group on twitter: @mgroupuk

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Our work takes us travelling, our associates work all over the world and we just like to explore new markets.

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Mystery Project!

Coming in June 2014

Our new flagship project that is currently in closed testing with a small number of people. It will be announced formally when the public beta is available.


Client showcase

ONZO are a UK-based smart energy company specialising in energy monitors and smart meters. They provide energy meters for the UK's largest power utility company as well as the analytical software platform that processes the data uploaded from the energy monitors.

The m group provided Python development services over a half-year period as well as high level consultancy on the architecture and scalability of their flagship software platform allowing it to scale to the agreed multi-million user targets.

ONZO website:

Networking and hosting

We offer a wide range of fully managed hosting and deployment solutions to clients coving everything from private cloud hosting environments to single managed servers as well as everything in between. We host hundreds of servers on three continents. Come join us!

Control panel

If you are an existing m group client or associate you can log into the control panel by following the link below:

Log in here

Previous work showcase is one of the largest UK affiliate websites featuring every known working UK voucher code for online and offline retailers.

The m group's founder, Joe, was previously the lead developer and lead architect for the website from inception to scaling to millions of users. Joe is accredited with designing and building the simple but powerful PHP5-based modular framework the site uses to serve its tens millions of daily requests as well as building the majority of the site's code base until his departure in mid-2010.

Additionally, Joe designed and was the primary system administrator for the high availability Linux-based cluster that allows ad-hoc expansion and high availability.



Project showcase, since sold and offline

Excitad is a direct display advertising platform offering businesses to advertise via directly selected sites and geographic areas. This enables advertising to highly targeted markets which in turn greatly increases the effectiveness of the advertising.

Our Excitad clients have experienced dramatic rise in revenue and our publishers have seen improved click-through rates, conversions and exposure. To complete the platform we've also built a cutting egde analytics platform with real time statistics.

Excitad website:

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Our work takes us travelling, our associates work all over the world and we just like to explore new markets.

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Certified Partner

We've joined forces with CloudFlare, a leading website security and acceleration provider to offer bespoke and optimised packages for our hosting clients.

When combined with our own world-class hosting facilities and global network the additional speed provided by the CloudFlare acceleration layer makes websites fly. In addition it also blocks most spammers, trojans and other nasty things on the internet from accessing your site making your application safer and more reliable.


Project showcase, since sold and offline

whatGFX was built out of some mash-ups made to make choosing a next graphics card easier. It compares performance benchmarks with Amazon market place pricing (which is usually reasonably competitive) and technical specifications to narrow the search down to a couple of cards.

There's a UK and a US version so far and they update every few hours with the latest pricing. There's also benchmark grids and lists of all current and previous graphics card models.

whatGFX US website:

whatGFX UK website:

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Watch the m group travels on flickr

Our work takes us travelling, our associates work all over the world and we just like to explore new markets.

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MAXX Design

Client showcase

MAXX Design are a graphic design and web development studio based in the UK providing website, branding and other internet-based services to companies in the UK.

The m group provides cloud-based hosting environments, CDN services, email, domain holding and DNS services as well as software consultancy and security consultancy to MAXX Design and their hundreds clients. We have achieved over a 99.99999% uptime over 5 years for their hosting services combined.

MAXX Design website:


Open source

We're big fans of open source. QuakeNet is the world's largest IRC (Internet Relay Chat) network hosting hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world.

We've developed the new QuakeNet website and branding as a gift.

QuakeNet website:

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Privacy policy

We don't track you on this site directly at all. We do make use of Google Analytics but we solely use that for an idea of visitor counts. No other personal data is collected and no additional tracking is used. We only set cookies on your computer if you are a client and log in via the client control panel.

Terms and conditions

You can't edit the site so there aren't really any, do what you like other than break things or be malicious!